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Valentine Tours and Travel LTD is a family and locally owned travel company whom the owners have

over 20 years of experience in the field of Air Ticketing, inbound tours, Group tours, customized safaris, holiday packages, car hire and rentals services.

We licensed Tour Operator and Travel Agent based in Kampala, Uganda. Our highly specialized team has the ability to design unique tours and safaris to fit every type of tourist, from the budget to the luxury. Valentine Tours and Travel is a Premier Tourist Transportation and Inbound Tour Operator in the Uganda market.


Being a family owned and operated business, Valentine Tours and Travel is proud to be associated with some of the major stakeholders in the Uganda Tourism Market and East Africa in general with the main objective to market Uganda and the rest of east African destinations both domestic and internationally. We have set out exceptional standards and always make an endeavor to excel our visitors' expectations while they visit our beautiful countries the PEARL OF AFRICA, (Uganda), Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

We strive to offer the best by providing the most memorable experiences to our customers and to share the natural treasured beauties of our National Parks and Game reserves with unique and beautiful landscapes, the wild, Bird watching   for exciting tours and leisure for all visitors from all over the world.


The core values of our business is TRUST, INTERGRITY, RESPECT, LOYALTY, SAFETY, RELIABLE, DEDICATION and TEAMWORK. Being family owned and operated, we always take care of our clients' requests during their visits, we are always there for our travellers at every step of their journey.   Our Professional Experienced Team and Modern Fleet of Vehicles will ensure that your trip to the Perl of Africa and the rest of East Africa will be a relaxing, exciting and a memorable one.

Valentine Tours and Travel is committed to creating the best values with our travel services for our customers, partners and to guaranteeing the sustainable tourism while conserving the rich flora and fauna for the benefits our environment, staff and social community:

Valentine Tours and Travel strive to offer the best service with diverse businesses in terms of market, customers and travel services and product in all fields of inbound and outbound travel with an aim to become one of the leading travel companies in East and Central Africa.

Silhouette of Elephant

Who we are

River Nile

Adventure Holidays
⦁    Sport fishing
⦁    Eco-tourism
⦁    Avi-tourism (bird watching)
⦁    Gorilla tracking
⦁    Chimp tracking
⦁    Game viewing
⦁    Nature guided walks 
⦁    White water rafting
⦁    Bungee jumping 

⦁    Bungee jumping 
⦁    Mountain climbing
⦁    Car hire services
⦁    Hotel booking and reservations
⦁    Airport transfers
⦁    Air ticketing and reservations
⦁    Visa and immigration services
⦁    MICE tourism
⦁    Community tourism 
All these services can be priced and packaged on demand.

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